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Subject Learning Journeys

At Compass, we offer a broad and balanced curriculum that gives students the opportunities to succeed in life. In KS3, we have our Year 7 & 8 cohort taught as a primary model with 1 main class teacher in each group who delivers the vast majority of the curriculum. Our Year 9 class is taught separately and they follow a curriculum that links to opportunities available in KS4. Our KS4 curriculum is designed around local offer and students are encouraged to choose a pathway of provision from Year 10 including the use of college and other vocational courses. By clicking on the buttons below, you will be able to see our Curriculum Journeys for each subject area delivered at Compass Learning Centre. 
Note for parents/ carer- Parents have the right to withdraw their children from the components of sex education within RSE up to and until 3 terms before the child turns 16. After this point, if the child wishes to receive sex education rather than being withdrawn, the school will arrange this. 

At Compass, the PSHE lead will inform parents and carers about RSE and LifeSkills topics which will be covered in each term through plans published on the website, through an information letter at the beginning of the school year and in each end of term newsletter which will highlight what is coming up next term.  This will enable parents and carers to discuss with their children what they will be learning and ask questions about materials.  The PSHE lead is happy to discuss lesson resources with all parents and carers who would like to see them.

Requests for withdrawal should be put in writing using the form found in Appendix 3 in the policy and addressed to the headteacher.

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