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Learner Induction

On Entry

All new learners’ induction programmes will include a range of standardised assessments including reading and numeracy.


Results from these assessments will be analysed and placed into SIMS to allow staff access to them.  They are used to inform future planning. These results will be used to inform the Individual Education Plans of each learner and to set targets for expected progress.

Record Keeping & Assessment

Regular assessments are made of learners’ work in order to establish the level of attainment and to inform future planning. Learners are made aware of the level of work they are completing and at what levels they are working by the use of feedback, stickers and stamps in the front of each book. After each assessed piece of work. Feedback will be in the form of “two stars and a wish”

Monitoring & Evaluation

Subject Leaders will regularly monitor and moderate learners’ work books. These are also available for the SLT and middle leaders to sample for work scrutiny.


Senior & Middle Leaders will observe class teachers in their area at least twice a year as part of our performance management cycle.


Members of the Senior Leadership team will observe Subject Leader’s for whom they have line management responsibility for.


Subject Leaders will monitor learners’ books bi-termly using the Centre’s Work Scrutiny Format and then complete the Departmental Action Plan


SLT and middle leaders will carry out a bi-termly work scrutiny using the SLT Work Scrutiny Form

Monitoring & Evaluation

In order to ensure equality of access, and effective matching of tasks to need, teachers will employ a variety of strategies:


Providing opportunities for peer teaching/ collaboration

Discussion and questioning (open and closed as appropriate)


Previewing and reviewing work


Interactive teaching






Providing opportunities for reflection by learners

Demonstrating high expectations


Providing opportunities for repetition / reinforcement

Providing encouragement, positive reinforcement and praise


Making judgements and responding to individual need

Intervening, as appropriate, in the learning process in order to encourage development


Provide all learners with opportunities for success


Use a range of communication strategies, verbal and non-verbal

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