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In The Classroom

Classroom Management

The learning environment will be managed in such a way as to facilitate different styles of learning, with particular regard to Special Educational Needs, this includes;

Whole class teaching

Group work, organised according to appropriate criteria (i.e. ability, mixed ability, interest etc)

One to one teaching


Collaborative learning in pairs or groups


Independent learning


Online Learning

Learning Support professionals are employed to support learners with Special Educational Needs as outlined on their Individual Education Plans. This will be achieved in the main through interventions within the classrooms and may involve further bespoke 1:1 work. The impact of these interventions will be monitored for effectiveness and through the whole school progress tracking system. They will also support learners in class across the core subjects where appropriate.

Classroom Planning & Differentiation

To facilitate cross curricular working, a yearly overview of planning will be produced on the agreed format.

Medium-Term Plans should be in place and reviewed regularly by departments with reference to the National Curriculum Review 2014 notified by the DfE.

Teachers and Learning Support professionals will regularly plan. Termly plans should be completed using the Medium Term Planning Form, which should then be shared and uploaded to SIMS Curriculum Lesson Planner every term. A Short Term Lesson Planning sheet and aide memoire is available for teachers to use as required.


Subject leaders, The DHT and the Core Subject Lead will quality assure the MTPs termly.

Teachers will differentiate the

curriculum by:



Teacher / adult support


Differentiated tasks will be detailed in Short Term planning. Learning objectives and outcomes will be specified for all differentiated teaching. Detailed reference will be made in short term plans to Individual Education Plans.

Classroom Organisation

The classroom will be organised to facilitate learning and the development of independence. This may require flexibility in the organisation of furniture and resources. Risk Assessments around the behaviour management of individuals may also determine the organisation of the classroom

Writing resources will be available for use at all times and will be accessible

Labels and posters should, wherever possible, reflect the language diversity in the school

Classroom displays will be used to celebrate achievement

Behaviour Management

As is outlined in The Compass Behaviour for Learning policy but in addition;


Each class will

Display the Compass behaviour expectations and codes of conduct

Follow the Compass Behaviour policy


Use the rewards scheme in order to reinforce positive behaviour


Follow through the consequences for poor behaviour


Staff will

Model appropriate behaviour


Use data to support behavioural improvement