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'I have never liked school, I get anxious and want to run away. It took me a few days to settle but Compass has helped me to feel safe and the small class sizes really helps my learning' Elysa

'I must admit that I didn't want my daughter to come to Compass at the start but it is the best thing that ever happened for her education and wellbeing'. Ms P.

Thankyou to all the staff who got my son through to the end of yr11. 2 years ago he wouldn't attend school. What a difference Compass has made. Mrs A.

He certainly made some very good memories with you all 

Enjoy the final day, thank you honestly for everything, you guys really do go above and beyond for all your students 


He is feeling a little emotional today but it’s also very exciting day for him. 

We will certainly keep in touch, I’m sure when he starts college he will be bursting to tell you how he’s getting on 


Ms M

What students and parents have said about Compass

'My son didn't want to get up in the morning to go to school . He hated school and it didn't work for him. Since coming to Compass my son is back to his old self, up early and keen to be in school with a smile on his face, thankyou Compass'. Mrs P. 

'I like the small class sizes and that the school is smaller compared to my mainstream school' Cory

'I am really enjoying the wellbeing walks with school, it means I can get exercise and talk to staff without playing sport which I hate' KM.

'I really like gaming and I am really good at it, I would love to to something like this as a job in the future. The Esports course at Compass helps me to do this. ' Matty

'I wouldn't be able to choose the options I have at any other school. I love the Maritime course and the new skills this teaches me every week.' Calum. 

'My son was getting himself into so much trouble and I feared that I would never get him back into school' 'Since joining Compass I have got my son back, he has developed some fantastic relationships with staff who have really helped him, and us' Mr V

Since starting at compass learning centre, my daughter has blossomed. She feels safe, listened to and encouraged by all staff. She is now planning what to do with her future, which before Compass was something I only hoped for! She has made friends and is always eager to tell me what she has got up to at school. This is also very different to life before Compass! I am always kept in the loop by staff, and am encouraged to communicate regularly about any concerns I have. Staff are understanding and supportive with me (and our family) as well as our daughter. I can not sing the praises of the compass staff more. They have all made time to get to know my daughter and all strive to make school safe, educational and full of experiences for the pupils to learn from. Thank you to all the staff. Ms B

You have all been fantastic with her, and I know she feels she can rely on you all. I am slightly concerned about how she will manage after Compass.


I just wanted to say thank you again, 'N' wouldn't be here now or have achieved what she has without all of your help and support at school. All the staff have been amazing and I can't thank you enough. 'N' is excited about college and I hope she is able to continue on a positive note and use everything she has learned to move forward happier and more confident. 

Outstanding school, special needs are amazing, they make sure the parent is well supported and child with all their needs. I have had two children go to Compass and have never felt so involved with the school, they make sure we all have the support, and both my children felt safe and secure. My oldest child left last year and struggled with mainstream school and it was the best choice sending him to compass as I was always told he would never sit an exam, but he did manage to sit them, it was a massive achievement that the school had worked with them and could sit them, and I am sad that he is still not at compass as the support was outstanding so thank you for everything and all your hard. Ms H


'Compass helps support the best post 16 destinations that will help students thrive in the future. My son needed this help when making choices and now he couldn't be happier.' Ms D

'Just wanted to say thank you for everything you and all the team at Compass did for Daniel during his time with you, you might not realise it but you guys really helped him turn himself around. Ms D

'The Compass students who came to me on work experience were fantastic. They were confident young people who were able to engage positively with members of the public. They worked very hard'. Lisa at The Front

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