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The Compass Roundup February 2020

This Month at the compass our KS4 students (Year 10s and 11s) have been doing their functional skills exams in Maths and English. This gives pupils the opportunity to gain a formal qualification at either level 1 (GCSE grade 1-3 equivalent) or level 2 (GCSE grade 4+ equivalent) that can support their entry into their chosen college courses. These are designed to allow students to demonstrate a more real-life application of these areas and gives students a more accessible way of gaining a level 2 qualification. It was also KS4's parents evening, a chance for our students and their parents to meet with their teachers and discuss curriculum matters and progress. Also attending were Mickey Matthews from the Department of Work and Pensions and Gaynor Howlett from Weymouth College to give students and parents some insight into their future learning. Parents evening for KS3 (Years